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Work Package 4 (WP4): Dissemination of knowledge and possibilities

The main objective of this work package is to present the reinforced material and human potential to the community in the country, the region and wider.

In the country (Macedonia and Serbia)
, this objective will be fulfilled by organization of open days in R. Macedonia and in Serbia in the second year of the project, during which the Chromato­graphy Laboratory (FSM-MK) and the Food Control Laboratory (FSM-S) will invite: researchers, practitioners from laboratories in the industry and also representatives from the SMEs involved in cultivation and processing of fruits and wine production. During the open days, the new possibilities development of methodology for food analysis and control of the modernized laboratories will be presented to the invited participants and exchange of ideas, needs and perspectives will be presented.

Two workshops for dissemination
(1 in R. Macedonia, 1 in Serbia) of the new possibilities to the national and regional laboratories and SMEs as potential users are scheduled for the 24th month of the project. For this workshop international experts from partners’ institutions will be invited and they will present together with the researchers from the WBC institutions their expertise on exploring the reinforced laboratories for food analysis and the possible benefit for the other research institutions dealing with food technology and with the SMEs involved in food production and processing.

A project website will be established containing essential information about the ongoing project. Constant update will allow presentation of the new results and approaches in using the upgraded equipment in the laboratories for characterization of the phenolic composition of plants and plant derived products with potential beneficial health effects.
Additionally, activities for participation in the FOOD-CLUSTER initiative will be performed by attending meetings foreseen in this network.

D2. Project website
D5. Visits of the EU experts in WBC (Macedonia, Serbia)
D6. Open days for invited researchers, analysts, SMEs presentation of the reinforced potential of the WBC laboratories
D7. Workshops for dissemination