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Work Package 5 (WP5): Networking for future joint research

In order to develop a continuous flow of information, increase the collaboration and exchange of knowledge, know-how and experience between the partners in the project together with the awareness of the achieved results, gained new skills and experience, the fifth work package involves networking on several layers: national, regional and EU.
On national level, contacts will be established with the potential beneficiaries of this project: researchers involved in the area of agriculture, food technology, plant physiology etc. as well as the SMEs dealing with food production and processing including wineries for future joint exploitation of the reinforced capacity of the Chromatography Laboratory (FSM-MK) and Food Control Laboratory (FSM-S).
On regional level, establishing a network in the field of antioxidants characterization in foods is important regarding the fact that the Balkan region is in a great deal an agricultural area with a great potential for producing healthy foods with authenticated origin and specified health promoting composition. The groups from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria will start this network which should further include scientists from Greece, Albania, Romania and Croatia involved in research of various aspects of antioxidants in foods.

  • Workshop for regional networking is planned by the end of the second year of the project, adjacent to the Workshop for dissemination, where ideas, experience and future plans of the researchers from Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria will be exchanged and coordinated. Guests from Albania, Greece and Turkey will be invited to attend this workshop in order to strengthen the regional cooperation.

Networking with EU countriesis planned in order to intensify the collaboration with EU countries and acquire the needed experience in the field of characterization of natural antioxidants in foods. Additionally, networking of the participants in this project will be performed in the frames of the FOOD-CLUSTER initiative.

  • Short visits (one week) of research personnel from the WBC (Macedonia, Serbia) and Bulgaria to the EU partner institutions are planned within the networking activities in the first year of the project.
  • Final conference on phenolics characterization in food. International networking and cooperation is planned in the last six months. Prominent experts, 3 from each partners’ institution, will be invited to present their experience in using liquid chromatography in the area of food analysis (food safety and quality control). The report from this workshop should summarize the starting points and strategy for future joint research proposals.

D8. Regional network in the field of antioxidants characterization in foods
D9. Workshop for regional networking
D10. Final conference on phenolics in food: International networking

M5. Strategy for future joint research